Estimation – Département Estimations


Pierre de SOUZY et Pierre-Edouard de SOUZY are members of the
Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA)

Pierre-Edouard de SOUZY is a registered expert at the
Chambre Européenne des Experts-Conseil en Œuvres d’Art (C.E.C.O.A.)




Our free estimates department – purchases
Our guarantee of seriousness, fairness and confidentiality

An initial numeric estimate is provided to you free of charge upon receipt of photographs or a brief description, quickly followed where desired by direct, personalized contact. The transaction, if you choose to go ahead, will be carried out on a basis that is satisfactory, fair and agreeable to both parties. It will take into account developing trends in the art market. We settle all our purchases in cash or by cheque, regardless of the amount. The sales formalities are straightforward and confidentiality is guaranteed. We do not charge any additional fees to sellers.


Why come to our gallery ?

The total amount of “fees and commissions” charged today by Auction Houses often reach 40 % or even more of the sale price (and this is usually before insurance costs), heavily penalising potential sellers, as well as buyers. Payment for lots sold at auction are generally made after a period of at least five weeks, subject to the successful bidder completing payment. Delays of three to six months between deposition of the merchandise and settlement of the payment are common.

Our gallery guarantees IMMEDIATE PAYMENT upon mutual agreement of the purchase value of the piece you wish to sell.